FormsBoard provides an online location for sharing InfoPath forms. FormsBoard hosts both public and private domains. Individuals can login anonymously and download free InfoPath forms, template parts, and sample solutions. Small teams can create a free private domain and publish your forms for collaboration. Companies can post forms for their customers to fill out.

  • Largest online repository of InfoPath form templates, template parts and sample solutions
  • Fastest way to use InfoPath to gather data from your customers
  • Free accounts for up to 5 users; pay monthly for what you use beyond that
  • No upfront costs – server software licenses not required; InfoPath required on clients who submit forms
  • No upgrade costs – new features and improvements added monthly with no impact
  • Scalable service – cloud-based platform (Amazon) quickly expands to meet demand
  • Create a domain for your company or workgroup to share forms
  • Publish InfoPath forms to the Internet
  • Invite other users to your domain
  • Control who has access to read or write the forms
  • Manage your forms using list views, built-in search, and status
  • Assign forms to others with comments
  • Receive e-mail notification when a form is assigned to you
  • Create a taxonomy to tag your forms to enable quick pivoting
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