A FormsBoard e-mail notification can take place in a number of ways depending in the type of notification you are using. Below are the types of notifications and their purpose:
  1. SLA Notification
SLA Notifications will send email when the number of days that have passed is greater than or equal to the “number of days” entered in the Notification’s configuration.
  1. STAT Notification
A STAT Notification will send out an email containing statistics on a specific document type. The statistics can be compiled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Selecting Weekly will show an additional dropdown which allows the user to specify the day of the week. Selecting Monthly will allow the user to enter the day of the month when the action executes.
The STAT email contains a maximum of four distinct tables: Overdue documents, Assigned Documents, Active Documents Status and a detailed Active Document List. Notice that documents are labeled as ‘overdue’ only after a SLA Notification has been sent out. The Overdue column in the Active Document List table contains the number of days between the SLA and STAT Notifications.
  1. USER Notification
The USER notification enables the users to get a periodic notification of assigned documents.