Once you have tagged your documents, you will see the taxonomy listed when you go to the document type page. Selecting from these will allow you to filter documents and return a fine-grained result.
  1. To see what’s under a hierarchy, expand the topmost or ‘parent’ taxonomy using the + icon.
  1. The number next to the hierarchy/category indicates the number of documents that matches that specific hierarchy/category.
  1. Selecting a parent hierarchy or category will automatically select all categories/subcategories underneath it. In the figure below, one category (Difficulty Level) has 3 documents – tagged as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
  1. In this example, we can uncheck Difficulty Level category and check Basic subcategory only, which in turn gives us only 1 document:
  1. You can also multi-select check boxes and this is often useful for documents that are tagged to several categories and subcategories. In the case below, one document is tagged both to PHP and Javascript.