How do I use qForm?

qForm is a starter template enhanced for workflow-based solutions. It has built-in secondary data sources that are used for assignments, taxonomy, document history, locking, rating, etc. – most of which are accessible in the built-in taskpane.
  1. To use qForm, first, bring the template to your domain by following the steps in this page
  2. Customize the template by clicking on the Download XSN button in the Edit Document Type page:
  3. Save the template in your machine and open it in InfoPath Design mode.
  4. Extract the source files of your template by going to File > Save As Source Files,and then choose a directory to save the source files to. Close InfoPath.
You will see a bunch of files in your source folder, some of which are used as resource files and the rest are from your secondary data source. You will have to dig into some of these files in order to make changes in your qForm solution.
For more information on using qForm, please see the Tutorials section.