How do I upload images in FormsBoard?

When you create a domain in FormsBoard, you will be allowed to upload images that you can use for your FormsBoard solutions. Your images are stored in FormsBoard’s Image database. You may add them to your forms by using Qdabra’s Image Picker which can be found in the qRules Sample form.
  1. Follow the steps in this page to bring the qRules Sample form into your domain.
  2. When done creating the document type that holds the qRules Sample template, go to the page by clicking its icon on the main landing page.
  3. In the document type page, click on the Upload Image link:
  4. This will open the FormsBoard Image Tool:
    1. In the dropdown, select the domain where you wish to upload your image to.
    2. Click on the picture control and browse to the image from your network or local machine.
    3. Fill out the fields with descriptive values for easy searching later. When searching, the Date Taken and the Subject fieldswill be used for filtering results.
    4. When you are ready to upload your image, and wish to upload another, click on the Upload & New button. Otherwise, click on the Upload & Close button.
  5. When done uploading image/s, go back to your document type page in FormsBoard, and click on the New Form button:
  6. The qRules Sample form, which you can customize later, has three tabs. Go to the Image Picker tab to start picking your image.
  7. Clicking on the Pick Image button will display the Image Picker UI. The Find tab lets you search for images that you have uploaded using the Image Tool.
  8. In the Domain dropdown, select the domain where you uploaded your image.
  9. As mentioned earlier, you can narrow down your search by selecting a Subject and/or a Date that you used to tag your image with.
  10. Click Go. You will see a table of images that match your search criteria.
  11. Click on the corresponding View link to see the image thumbnail as well as its properties.
  12. After selecting the image that you wish to use on your form, click on the Use Selected Image button.
  13. Your selected image will then show on your form, as well as its Image ID and Image URL.
    The Pick Image button will still be visible to allow you to select a different image.
The Add tab of the Image Picker serves as another way to quickly add images to your forms. You can browse through your network or local machine and pick the image that you wish to upload and attach to your form.
However, images that are uploaded using the Image Picker’s Add tab will not appear in your images table when you attempt to search using the Find tab. Use the Image URL instead and link to it if you wish to use the same image in your other forms.