Document type level permissions apply to all documents within a specific Document Type. On the other hand, document level permissions apply to specific documents.
Document level permissions are granted based on the contents of an xpath in your form. For instance, our form has fields called my:Creator and my:Approver. In that scenario, we could create document level permissions that look like this, below. Of course, as the form designer, you’ll need to make sure that the form is storing the user aliases correctly in these xpaths.
What does the example above grant? The form creator will only be able to read; the approver can Read, Write and Delete. This allows you to create form-based workflow!
You are able to enter as many rows as desired, by clicking the Add document level permission link. Clicking this link will insert a new row where you will need to enter a name (an identifier of your choosing) and the xpath where the document stores the role information. Then, for each of these rows, you will be able to grant the following permissions: Read, Write and Delete.