A FormsBoard domain is a virtual organization or group where people can collaborate and create templates and forms. Each domain user is entitled to create one domain. You must officially be a member of a domain before you can access any document types and forms that belong to that domain. Creating a domain automatically sets you as the domain owner/admin. To start creating your domain, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on My Domains shown on top navigation menu.
  1. Click on Create a new domain just below the My Domains header.
  1. You will be presented with the following fields:
  1. Fill out the page with your domain name, company name, company description and logo.
  1. Click Create. Your domain will be created and a confirmation message will be displayed.
  1. Go back to My Domains page to verify that your domain is created. It will be under the section: I am the administrator of the following domains and I am a member of the following domains.
NOTE: You will not be allowed to create a domain if you are logged in anonymously. When logged in as a regular domain user, you are only allowed to create one domain.