If you have added/modified/removed a promoted property in your form, you must update the XSN in DAT and reshred all for changes to take effect.
In this example, we will be using the Expense Report form that comes as a sample in InfoPath 2007. The Bulk Edit tool below shows the old promoted properties of the form:
We will promote a new field in the form (Manager Name), which will show up in Bulk Edit after the reshred all operation.
1. Re-publish the form in DAT.
         a. Open the DBXL Administration Tool (DAT).

         b. Click Edit for the document type.

         c. In the XSN File attachment field, browse on the new XSN file and attach
         d. Click Save in DAT.

2. Open the Migration Tool.

3. Enter the URL of your DBXL instance in the DBXL Server Root box and click Connect.
4. Select the Other Operations tab and select the Reshred all documents radio button.
5. Select (No Domain) from the domain dropdown box.

6. Select the document type in the Configuration dropdown box.

7. Click Run button.

8. Once the process finished, you will get a successful message dialog box. Click OK:

9. In Bulk Edit Tool, click Refresh button.

10. The new promoted property will now display as a column: